LINC 2x2.5

LINC 2x2.5
Linc 2.5
2x2.5 mm² Tin plated.
Typical applications: Medium powered, short length high powered Hi-Fi system.

SUPRA Linc Series
SUPRA Linc is an evolution of SUPRA Rondo and the already very low level of magnetic fields, have been supplemented with a shield blocking the electrical fields. Its properties enhance the transient transparency, similar to e.g. SUPRA Ply. Link is short for Low Interaction Concept, is flexible and suitable for permanent in-wall installation.

Shielded Speaker Cables
SUPRA shielded cables radiate and pick-up less noise. The result is immediately lowered noise floor and increased dynamics of the Hi-Fi system. Especially the so called µ-dynamics, the small details, suddenly stand out from a pitch black background, a truly remarkable discovery for most music lovers.

The modern multimedia system is a potential hotbed for noise pick-up and signal degradation and without attention, the most prestigious Hi-Fi system will not even come close to its peak performance. It is as simple as that.

Secondly, we must consider how magnetic fields, alternating electrical fields, electromagnetic (radio-) waves, etc affect us. Whenever possible, we at SUPRA think it is worthwhile to consider lowest possible levels of fields and radiations surrounding us.SUPRA shielded cables radiate and pick-up less noise.
2 500 Ft
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Technical Info

Mechanical Specifications
Cross. Area: 4 / 13 (mm2/AWG)
No. Conductors: 2 + Drain Wire
No. Wires/Conductor: 320
Wire Diameter: 0.10 (mm)
Wire Material: Tin Plated OFC
Insulation: Heat & ageing resitant PVC
Screen: Aluminium / PET Foil
Screen Coverage 100%
Ext. Diameter: 8.1 (mm)
Weight: 94 (g/m)

Electrical performance
Resistance: 6.8 (Ohm/km)
Inductance: 0.42 (uH/m)

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